Thursday, December 16, 2010

Persist and Win!

There are many stories about success, just google and you'll get the info. Most of the people who triumphed were born with disadvantages. But despite being born poor or with disabilities of some sort, they managed to make life surrender and provide them the riches they seek.

It's very fascinating to read such stories. What made these successful people stand out? What's the formula? First, winners know what they want. Then they create plans for achieving their dreams. The most important thing is they don't quit until they get what they want. They persist and turn their desires into tangible form.

In Think and Grow Rich, the author gives four steps to develop persistence:
1) A definite purpose.
2) A definite plan.
3) A mind closed against all negative influences.
4) Mastermind.

Cultivate these steps as habits and you will win! Good luck.