Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wake up

The quake and wave that hit Japan recently had caught the attention of people around the world. The magnitude of the earthquake was 9.0, one of the strongest ever recorded in history. This caused a massive 10-meter tsunami, and left hundred of thousands homeless not to mention the death toll around 10,000 people.

The tsunami also knocked out the backup diesel generators needed to keep nuclear fuel cool. The nuclear plants were in danger, and hopefully the Japanese government could fix the problems as soon as possible. Explosion could spread radiation and the effect will be exactly the same when the atomic bomb hit Japan during WWII.

The tragedy, the natural disaster that hit Japan should teach us a lesson. We won't know the precise time when all will be taken away from us. I think, we should wake up and don't take all the time we have in the world for granted. Act on your plans, and enjoy the sunshine while the sun is still shining:-)


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